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The PUMP Method

The Method That Will Change The Way You Train

1. PREP: During this step of the PUMP Method, our Trainers will help your body prepare for the work ahead by using specified cardiovascular & mobility movements.

2. PRIME: Learn to use your mind-to-muscle connection & execute exercise movements properly! In this phase, you will be using specific training methods to prime your mind & body for the movement patterns ahead. Our Trainers will drill you in mechanical function & overall stability in order to ensure successful injury free training sessions.

3. PUMP: During this phase of your training, you will be using our strength training periodization model. Our programming allows your body to progress without burnout & metabolic damage by allowing ample time to progressively overload your muscles in order to gain true strength & build lean muscle mass.

4. IGNITE: In the last part of your PUMP workout, your glycogen stores have been depleted & your body will rely solely on fat stores for energy. This is where we utilize your cardiovascular stimulus based on your personal periodized progression to ignite your metabolism & finish strong!

Why PUMP Fitness Studio

Suitable for All Levels of Expertise

Sessions with Your Schedule in Mind

Personalized Coaching & Accountability

Strength Training Based

Proven Sustainable


Professional Trainers & Nutritionists

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